Is there a Doctor in the House?

Hello world!

Posted on: July 13, 2009

It’s is finally starting to feel real now that I’m on campus, have finished my first day of classes and dropped $400 at the bookstore … I really am about to tackle doctoral studies!!!  Many of us mentioned a ‘nervous anticipation’ regarding this journey we have just begun so I would like to welcome you all by sharing a poem that inspires me.  It was written by Walter Borden, a Nova Scotian poet and playwright.

Walk On

You must know that you are part of your creator,
And hold within you power to create.
Don’t be afraid to fall
Attempting mankind’s scale,
Perhaps you’re not a singer
You are a song!
You are a note of ringing splendour
In the universal anthem,
Know your sound
Know your sound

You have a life of many pages
To expand the book of ages,
Take a pen, take some ink,
And set it down.
Be sentence, not word,
Be of self, and not of herd,
It is your right,
You have the choice
To be your spokesman,
With your voice.

Now step outside your cage
And touch tomorrow.em>

Best of luck clarifying a research interest and getting to ‘know your sound’. May we never be caged by fear of the challenges that lay ahead as we dive deep and resurface during our doctoral studies.



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