Is there a Doctor in the House?

Forget the water cooler, my vote is for a Tim’s kiosk in the corner!

Posted on: July 15, 2009

When does a doctoral student sleep during summer session?!? I knew the two weeks would be intense and would test my time management skills, but I’m beginning to realize I need to pace myself or I will run out of steam before the end of this 2 week triathlon.

So what have I been up to in the last 24 hours?’

6am– up, out of the shower and on-line for a quick FB status update to let my friends and family know what I’m up to while eating breakfast.

6:15 Researching the group project topics and settle on my top 2 picks: grassroots video and mobile learning

7am Reading / skimming the 2009 Horizon Report (must go back a reread some sections at a later date- good stuff!)

8am– packed up and left my lovely dorm room to get lost once again on campus. Luckily I was able to follow the trail of people with Tim’s cups to fill up on caffeine and arrived at the library with time to load up my student ID with $ for printing and to text a morning message to my daughter.

9am– learning / playing with Blackboard and Elluminate in class

lunch– printing, eating and reading Dr. Kopp’s article on Virtual Patients in Second Life before she presents in my afternoon class.

1pm brain bursting in the afternoon class … thinking about a lot of things in new/different ways, joining a group for the ed tech trend wiki / presentation project  Just a thought, but for me I think it would have been better to have my heavy content course in the morning and the Doctorial Orientation class in the afternoon.  What do my fellow ed techie docs think?

4pm getting to know my group members and dividing up some of the group work based on individual strengths and interests

5pm back to my dorm room to freshen up and text a few friends before working on one aspect of the wiki over dinner with a classmate.

6pm getting lost driving to the restaurant but eventually getting there with my classmate’s help … hum, this getting lost thing is starting to become a theme…

8pm back in my room reading about grassroots video to complete what I committed to do before our next group meeting tomorrow at 8:15 am as well as following up on some of the ideas discussed over dinner, emailing group members

9pm reading and responding to classmates posts on Blackboard, writing a blog post and skimming some of my classmates blogs.

10pm tackling today’s reading list: 3 chapters of Creswell and 2 chapters of J&M, a mere 130 pages,

11pm taking a break from reading: accepting a classmate’s invitation to join our grassroots video wiki and adding to it, joining Second Life and creating an avitar (Belle Calcutt)

11:30 back to tackling that reading list

3:30am reading a classmate’s response to one of my earlier e-mails and realizing it was time to unplug- the laptop and the lamp!

3:35 sleeping

6am up again and logging on, reading some more e-mails from classmates who got up before me, blogging and eating breakfast.

7:15 hitting the shower in order to make it to my 8:15 group meeting on time…after getting some Tim’s of course!

So how about a coffee kiosk instead of that water cooler?!?!


3 Responses to "Forget the water cooler, my vote is for a Tim’s kiosk in the corner!"

Hilarious post!

Do you get the feeling that we are all making eachother look bad? If we all just did a little less work we would all be better off – and more rested. The funny thing is, when you are passionate about something you neglect things like eating and sleeping.

Actually, I consider my post as a cry for help. Time management was not an issue for me when doing my masters and I need some suggestions on how to ‘do a little less work’ such as make those choices like what to read and what to skim. If classmates are managing to be well rested and do all the readings as well as the group project work, blogging and blackboard posts please tell me how. If not, what criteria are using to decide how much time to devote to what each evening? For example, are you following everyone’s blogs or have you chosen a couple to read and respond to?

I love your post. It was very interesting to see how you chose to spend your time after dinner and how I chose to spend my time. We both then resumed at 8:15 am and both had a productive day (at least seemingly by observation). Sadly, neither approach is medically sound.

This was my approach:
9:20pm watch Colbert Report
9:40pm sleep
2:00am wakeup, make coffee, read, write, make more coffee, repeat
7:20am shower, iron, blog,
8:00am head to 8:15 meeting

I found there’s a stamina aspect to school. We trade sleep for study or for a project. The danger is that when we do that we’re just borrowing from the future. At some point there’s a crash. Think of it like rising minimum payments on a credit card…

I’ve learned the hard way that good diet, multivitamins, and exercise are hidden aspects of academic success and longevity.


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