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My idea of gaming is Ms Packman or Donkey Kong!

Posted on: July 15, 2009

I must confess I am not a gamer.  The last video game I played was probably “Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo?” back in the late 80’s!  Needless to say, I have never experienced Second Life.  Dr. Kropp’s presentation on Virtual Patients in Second Life was very thought provoking for me and surprised me by connecting to a passion of mind- providing more equitable access to learning experiences through the effective use of technology.  While practica in real environments provide many benefits, there is the uncontrollable variable of what patients come to one student’s placement versus the placements of fellow classmates.  By including Virtual Patients, a certain breadth of experience can by provided for all learners.


1 Response to "My idea of gaming is Ms Packman or Donkey Kong!"

Now that I’ve confessed I’m not a gamer, I’d like to invite all the gamers out there to check out Madballs Babo Invasion- a game my friend recently released. Madballs are a rubber ball toy from the 80’s you might remember. I haven’t played the game (not a gamer) so can’t say it is good, but I know his work ethic and creativity. Based on that, I’m confident it is worth checking out. Also, it’s been getting a lot of good reviews.

xbox has a game demo if you’re intrigued

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