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Back to School?!?

Posted on: July 17, 2009

Setting the scene- Basin Head Beach August 2nd, 2009: I bump into an old childhood friend I haven’t seen since last summer.

Hey Belina, great to see you.  It must feel good to be back on the island for a holiday.

It sure does Alana, especially since I just finished a couple of intense weeks at the U of C.

Another degree?!?   So what are you studying now?

Well, you know my passion has always been reaching and teaching those students on the margins who struggle in school.  With all the recent advancements in technology I decided it was important for me to learn more about it and research how to best use current technology to support junior high students with reading difficulties.

Sounds interesting.

Yeah, I think so.  What’s been keeping you busy lately?


3 Responses to "Back to School?!?"

do you mean Edwards at (formerly) Malaspina?

??? I’m confused by your question. Could you rephrase it?

Disappointingly I have not made it to Basin Head Beach yet. My dreams of finishing my coursework while on campus then flying off to an island holiday full of beach bumming with my daughter have been shattered. It’s difficult to stop the pile of work (2 papers, a pathfinder and peer reviews) from pulling me away from our planned summer holiday adventures. Hmmm…just how patient will my daughter be and how many relatives a can I ‘visit’ to borrow their internet connection as I try to keep up on my BlackBoard requirements and submit assignments?!? Struggling to find a balance and not wanting to be flying back to Edmonton at the end of our long awaited holiday with regrets.

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