Is there a Doctor in the House?

Reflections on Dr. Crichton’s Research Presentation

Posted on: July 21, 2009

Wow!  I was so engaged in and inspired by Dr. Crichton’s presentation on the use of digital data such as audio and video recordings.  I was amazed at how her system for organizing the clips with the frames and codes seemed faster and easier to manage as well as the data ended up being more rich than the more traditional approach to have the recordings first transcribed then worked with.

‘hurry slowly’ is a phrase I have heard before but never described so well.  As we just went over all of the requirements of the doctoral program in the morning class, I reframed becoming a U of C student in the EdD program as hurrying slowly while Dr. Crichton spoke.  I’ve hurried and made the decision to apply and jump in to doctoral studies but will be moving ahead in the program slowly as I take the time to reflect on those moments of dissonance caused by our coursework to truly learn and grow.

One important thing I went away with was a new questioning with regards to my potential research- What will I be giving, getting, sharing and leaving behind?


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July 2009
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